It is often said that a writer is simply a photographer of thoughts. However, as a writer, you definitely know that there’s nothing simple about translating your thoughts to words.

When faced with the challenge of writing, you may feel like you are alone in a forest and have to figure your way out on your own. If this feeling is familiar, you’re not alone. We’ve been there too! We know how scary it seems when you need to make your way through unfamiliar territory on your own, or when you desperately want to write well but are not too sure how to go about it.

There are quite a few communities out there who claim to support you in your quest to write better and earn your living writing. However, the truth is, not many have the patience to work with new writers and help them understand how to become professionals who can earn a decent living.

If English isn’t your native language, you’ll find yourself bombarded with pages upon pages that discourage ESL writers. Or, if you’re a native speaker but haven’t really had the right guidance to showcase your skills, you’ll find yourself at a dead end again.

This is where we’re different! We believe that there is an excellent writer in everyone, and with a bit of guidance (and relatively decent language skills, of course), you can learn how to make money writing.

Does this sound like a dream? Well, it isn’t! We’re writers too. We started off small – earning as little as $1 for a 500-word piece, and have, over the years, moved on to making a decent living with just a few hours’ work from home each day. Today, we enjoy the freedom of choosing our own work hours and planning our own income each month. We have time for things that matter to us – spirituality, family, hobbies and life.

The journey to reach here was not easy, but definitely possible. Every page on this website reflects what we’ve gleaned along our journey, and will help you learn and earn, no matter which country you belong to.


Aaron & Joy Barboza