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By | September 29, 2016

content writing jobs

If you’re on the lookout for content writing jobs, you’ve probably heard that you should stay away from content mills.

I disagree! If you’re a new writer, you should snatch up every chance you have of gaining writing experience, and content mills are great to get started with.


Well, if you’ve just begun writing, signing up for work at a content mill is the first step to getting great content writing jobs in the future. I started my writing journey at a content mill. It paid me a pittance, but I gained valuable insight into the minds of clients (the nice ones and the picky ones!), and I learnt a lot along the way.

What Are Content Mills?

A content mill is a web-based company that acts as an intermediary between writers and clients for content writing jobs. They give you an interface where your skills are evaluated, and you get access to articles you’re qualified to write.

Most mills have a multi-tier system (similar to a corporate ladder), and you get paid more depending on where you are in the system. New writers start off with the lowest possible pay, of course.

Signing Up For Content Writing Jobs With A Mill

If you’re serious about making writing your career, here are four content mills that pay relatively better than most others. All mills listed here have been verified for prompt payments, either by myself or friends who have worked with them. Payments are sent over PayPal, and yes – you can sign up for work no matter where you live!


Pay: Starts at $2.43 for 500 words

Payment Cycle: Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, based on what you configure

Minimum Pay: $20

This was the first content mill I signed up with. You need perseverance if you’re to move up from the lowest rung and get paid better. You start off with a rating of 0, as a Standard writer. Once you have a reasonable number of reviews to your credit and a good rating from clients, you’re automatically promoted to the next level.

A point of caution, though – some clients on iWriter are extremely picky. Be prepared to have some of your work rejected or sent back for revision before you get in touch with nicer clients. The nicer ones may even surprise you with a small bonus if they like your work!


Pay: Starts at $0.70 cents per word

Payment Cycle: On the 1st and 15th of each month

Minimum Pay: None

I love these guys! While the application process is a bit annoying (I had to make a few forum posts and choose niches that drove me crazy), the clients are way better than those at iWriter. Most clients give you detailed requirements and even samples to help you turn in a good piece.

A sample article is reviewed when you apply with Zerys and you’re given an initial rating. Some clients hunt for fresh talent for their writing teams and open up 250-word audition pieces to new writers. The secret to earning more money here is to do as many of these auditions as possible so that you’re added into clients’ lists of favourite writers. Some of these clients provide steady work that pays well.

I like the fact that Zerys lets you set your own rate per word for direct assignments. Unless you’re a 5-star writer, I’d recommend that you set your pay-per-word to nothing more than 3 cents per word.


Pay: Varies based on your rating

Payment Cycle: On request – every two weeks

Minimum Pay: £25

Let me start off by saying this – never, ever mess with these guys. Their pay is amazing, but they can be quite picky! To start with, you need to be quite good at British English if you’re to even get through their initial evaluation. Once you get through, you’re given the most conservative rating possible, and you move up the ladder as you work.

I must say, though, that GreatContent is one of the most coveted writing mills you can work for. They’re ethical, pay promptly and the work is rarely monotonous. Apply to work here only if you’ve got decent writing experience or if your English skills are really good.


Pay: Depends on each project

Payment Cycle: Daily

Minimum Pay: None

I’ve saved the best for last! OneSpace, earlier known as CrowdSource, has thousands of writers working with them. I love their neat interface and clear instructions.

When signing up with OneSpace, you’ll be taken to a page with tests, or qualifications. You get access to work once you get through these tests.

OneSpace stands out from competition primarily because of its wide range of content writing jobs, its community of workers and friendly staff. You’ll never feel like ‘just another worker’ when you sign up here. The admins are friendly, and you get to interact with other writers and get all the help you need at the forums. And of course, the support system is excellent!

Have a question on any of these mills? Or would you like to find out more about how mills work? Drop us a line in the comments section below and we’ll be happy to respond!

Happy writing!

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